Trust P&H for Trustworthy Fire Stopping Inspection Services

Buildings in Canada have to adhere to fire safety standards for being considered adherent to legal rules and regulations. It is also vital for buildings to have all appropriate fire safety measures to ensure that people living or working in those buildings stay safe and secure.

At P&H Consulting, we conduct fire stopping inspection for both residential and commercial properties across Canada. Our inspection services help you understand whether or not your property is compliant with Canadian fire safety standards. If not, we can help you all the things you need to do to ensure that your property meets all safety standards. We also perform routine inspections to ensure the safety of your property and also of those who live or work in the property.

What You Can Expect from Our Fire Stopping Inspection Services

Thorough Scrutiny and Reports on Your Property’s Current Fire Safety Status: Our team of experts have inspected a plethora of properties, both commercial and residential, in the past. We have conducted thorough inspections and prepared detailed reports about the existing standards of fire safety for various properties. Before making any improvements to fire stopping systems, it is first important to understand the existing systems in place and that’s what we can help you to understand.

Undertaking Necessary Re-configuration Work: Once we have determined your existing standards of fire safety, we start re-configuring the fire stopping systems so that your property becomes adherent to all the latest fire safety rules and regulations.

Professional Inspections Conducted Without Any Interference: Commercial properties hosting a multitude of offices may be disrupted by fire stopping inspection services, which is why we perform our inspections during the off-hours. We want to improve your property’s fire safety standards without causing any disruptions.

Routine Inspections to Check for Consistent Adherence to Fire Safety Standards: Properties must adhere to fire safety standards on a consistent basis. To ensure that properties are doing this, we perform routine fire stopping inspections.

Through a combination of manual and digital fire stopping inspection methods, we at P&H aim to bridge the gap between the present fire stopping standards of your property and what they should be to adhere to all the latest regulations. Get in touch with us today to get started.